Kabbalah offers not a means of affecting the world, but a way of receiving energy from above.

There is a transmission happening, a transmission of energy or light or goodness –– what the Taoists call chi and the Hindus call prana and the Kabbalists call malchut. Whatever you want to call it, the transmission has nothing to do with us. It has been transmitting since the Big Bang — since the expansion of energy and Divine light began pouring into our universe. Our only role is awareness of the energy, how we receive this energy. Our ability to bask in this light — to feel connected to this source — to be energized and spiritually fulfilled by this steady stream of God — is directly tied to our receptive abilities. The Divine is transmitting always and everywhere, but our receptors are not always tuned finely enough to sense what’s in the room with us already. It’s like radio waves — they blanket the earth, but you can only hear the station if you have a radio — a properly tuned receiver.

We are all receivers in constant need of fine-tuning. This is why our spiritual teachers emphasize meditative techniques to shut out the static interfering with our reception. It may indeed be that our purpose here is to find holy sparkles and re-integrate them — to bring them back to completeness (sh’leimut), but it all begins by being aware of who we really are and what we’re really surrounded by — and the only way is to quiet the noise of the world and of our own thoughts, so that we can receive and access this energy that we are surrounded by 24 hours a day.

We are all receivers, whether we mean to be or not. Some are better at it than others. It takes a lifetime of fine-tuning.