Steve Klaper: Cantor. Maggid. Storyteller. Troubadour. Teacher


In the old country, the klopper went house-to-house through the Jewish shtetl (village), knocking on shutters and calling people to prayer.

In this unique one-man show, Maggid Steve Klaper pays homage to his family’s original vocation as he assumes the role of 18th century troubadour and raconteur, Sender the Klopper, exploring what it means to be a 21st century spiritual storyteller.

Our world is in great need of Yiddishkeit — Jews and Gentiles alike are in need. Sender the Klopper  will take you on an unforgettable journey, where old and new worlds meet like long-lost friends. People of all faiths will be affected by this very personal narrative.  (hour-long evening program)


The chant of the shulklopper, in the shtetls of Eastern Europe

Shteit uf, shteit uf, l'avodas haborei.  Wake up, wake up, to the service of your creator


The call of the shulklopper sephardi-style -- as it might have been heard in the land of Israel

Kumu yehudim, l'ovodat haborei. Wake up, Jews, to the service of your creator.

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